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What are the benefits of saffron for men?

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Saffron is one of nature’s wonders that is useful and valuable for treating most diseases and men’s overall health.
In this article, we introduce the benefits of saffron for men on a scale of 0 to 100 so that with moderate consumption of this medicinal plant, you can always maintain or improve your health.
In addition to this article, we recommend reading an introductory article on saffron and its properties to become familiar with the benefits of saffron for everyone.

What are the benefits of saffron for men?

After reading this article, you will surely be amazed by the incredible benefits of saffron for men. However, you should know that saffron is the most popular and expensive spice in the world, and these remarkable properties are not surprising.
Moreover, most of the content of this article is extracted from scientific research, such as this study.

Saffron for treating infertility

Saffron for treating infertility

Saffron is warm and dry. Its warmth has a significant effect on strengthening and stimulating male sexual power and fertility.

One of the problems that may affect men is the weakness and reduction of sperm count, which can prevent them from having children.

Saffron consumption has a special property for men in that it helps to strengthen sexual power due to the presence of crocin in saffron, which can treat some types of infertility.

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Treating premature ejaculation

saffron for men

Due to the effective and useful substances present in saffron, it can help treat premature ejaculation and improve erectile dysfunction.

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If saffron is consumed in moderation and within the permissible limits, it can be beneficial and effective in strengthening and stimulating male sexual power.

Reducing the side effects of sexual medications

Irregular use of sexual medications can have adverse effects on human health. These medications, which contain fluoxetine, affect male sexual performance, and on the other hand, by reducing serotonin, the happiness hormone, they can cause mild depression in men.

Therefore, consuming saffron, which has a refreshing property, can compensate for this side effect and help reduce the side effects of such medications by treating depression.

You can also benefit from the properties of barberries to treat depression. Barberries have a significant property in eliminating depression.

The benefits of saffron in choosing the gender of the fetus

Saffron has a warm nature, and its consumption in the diet before pregnancy is essential. The determination of the gender of the fetus depends on the pH level of the uterus environment.

The method of nutrition and diet before pregnancy is effective in determining the gender of the fetus. Saffron, with its warm nature, helps with male fertility.

Therefore, in traditional medicine, it is recommended that men and women consume saffron regularly three months before sexual intercourse because saffron consumption can lead to having a baby boy.

Increasing male sexual power

Saffron improves, strengthens, and stimulates sexual power. Drinking saffron tea or syrup three cups per day before meals can help strengthen and stimulate sexual power and promote reproduction.

Treating sexual dysfunction

One of the important benefits of saffron for men is its ability to treat sexual dysfunction. Some sexual dysfunctions in men include:

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Lack of erection and ejaculation speed
  • One testicle deficiency
  • Testicle shrinkage and laziness
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Therefore, men should follow a diet that strengthens and stimulates sexual power and treats sexual dysfunction. They can use saffron, saffron tea, foods and combinations containing saffron, various types of pepper, cardamom, onion, honey, etc.

Strengthening sperm

Consuming saffron and its products, or combining saffron with other herbal medicines, such as yellow aloe, candor, and Colchicum speciosum, increases sperm count and strength. Strengthening and increasing the number of sperm provides the possibility of successful fertility.

Relieving testicular pain

Saffron can be consumed alone to relieve testicular pain. However, it is better to mix it with other herbal medicines.

The recommended method is to mix a small amount of saffron with chickpea, barley, and chickpea flour, then add some water to make a paste.

Apply this paste as a compress on the testicles, massage, and take a shower with warm water to relieve pain after a while.

Treating genital and testicular itching

Saffron has medicinal and therapeutic properties for genital and testicular itching. Suppose you prepare a mixture of 2 grams of saffron, 4 grams of Aloes Socotrina, 4 grams of Ammonium chloride, and 4 grams of mamisha flower, and add 14 grams of Seidlitzia rosmarinus to the mixture and grind them, then add rose oil to the mixture and mix well. In that case, it can be applied to the affected area and massaged to relieve itching.


Saffron, known as the king of spices, has many benefits for men, women, and children. As mentioned in this article, this herbal plant can treat many physical and sexual problems in men.

It is best to consume saffron daily and within the permissible limit by preparing various saffron dishes, saffron tea, saffron milk, and herbal teas to take advantage of its unique properties.

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Also, since saffron has a warm nature, we recommend consuming cold-natured fruits such as pomegranate alongside it to balance the temperament. However, if your temperament is already cold, it is optional.

We are happy to hear about your experiences with saffron and its health benefits, so please share them with us and other readers through the comments section of this post.

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