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What is saffron spray? | Benefits and Uses

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Saffron spray is a new product made from saffron that has many advantages compared to dry saffron. Because of its high-quality raw materials, pure saffron is available in this product. It has gained popularity not only in Iran but also worldwide, and can be found in markets everywhere.

Saffron spray is a type of saffron-related product that differs from other types in its usage. To use dry saffron, you must mix it with water beforehand, whereas saffron spray comes in a bag that contains both water and saffron. By simply pressing the button installed on it, you can use the spray.

In this article, our intention is to introduce you to the process of making saffron spray and its benefits over dry saffron. Please stay with us until the end.

How to make saffron spray

During the production and distribution stages of saffron spray, adherence to international standards and regulations set by the World Health Organization is essential.

All saffron spray producers are required to comply with these standards and must not use any harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process. By adhering to these standards, buyers can be confident about the quality of the product and purchase it without any concerns.

Moreover, the product has received health certification from various organizations, such as the Iran Food and Drug Organization, Iran Standard, PCF, European CE, FDA, ACS Company of England, and the Halal logo of the Organization of Islamic Countries.

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The production process of saffron spray involves several steps that must be carried out in compliance with international standards and regulations. Firstly, pure water is needed, which can be obtained through the use of purification devices.

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Once the water is purified, it undergoes sterilization by radiation to ensure complete cleanliness. The purified water is then transferred into tankers in specific volumes.

In the next stage, dry saffron is added to the water in a certain proportion, determined by nutrition experts. The mixture is then stirred for a specific period of time to stabilize the aroma, taste, and color of saffron in the water.

After the solution is obtained, it is pumped into a series of aluminum bags and placed into the desired cans for spraying. To facilitate easy spraying of the solution from inside the can, propellant gas is stored in the empty part of the can. It is important to note that during the entire process, harmful chemicals are never used, ensuring that the final product is safe for consumption.

Important features of saffron spray

The gas and liquid inside the can do not mix with each other due to the high-quality material used in the can and bag.

This technology allows for more efficient use of the product compared to traditional methods. For instance, one gram of traditional saffron can only decorate 20 plates, while using these sprays can decorate around 70 to 80 plates without the need to mix saffron with water. Moreover, saffron spray does not contain preservatives, which is a crucial aspect of its usage.

Advantages of saffron spray compared to dry saffron

Having gained an understanding of the production process and important features of saffron spray, we now present the benefits of using this product for your consideration:

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More than 5 times productivity compared to dry saffron

Convenient and easy usage of saffron spray anytime, anywhere

Natural production process with no added chemicals or essential oils

Shelf life of approximately 18 months

Elimination of time-consuming steps involved in grinding and brewing saffron

Single-phase spray prevents settling of water and saffron solution.

saffron spray uses

Saffron spray has a variety of uses in cooking, imparting a delightful aroma and color to various dishes. It can be effortlessly added to different types of brews and teas for flavoring.

Saffron spray is also used for its decorative properties in dishes such as pilaf, stews like chicken and fish, and even yellow shell. Additionally, it can be utilized to prepare ice creams and syrups. The therapeutic properties of saffron can also be obtained by using this product in various foods.

The convenience of using saffron spray has enabled people to use high-quality saffron that is produced using modern techniques such as nano, without the need to grind and brew the saffron.

With the help of this product, people can enjoy the unique advantages of saffron anywhere and anytime without the hassle of grinding and brewing.

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Properties of saffron spray

We all know that saffron has many properties. Therefore, saffron spray can also offer these properties. To utilize these benefits for treating diseases or promoting overall health, it is recommended to consume 30 to 50 mg of saffron daily.

Consuming this spice can increase the level of proteins in the body that are suitable for the growth and healthy activity of the brain.

Additionally, saffron sprays have antioxidant properties that can protect body cells from injury or trauma by destroying harmful free radicals in the body. These antioxidants also protect the skin from sunlight and help prevent diseases such as cancer.

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Other healing properties of saffron include:

Healing wounds and reducing body inflammations

Strengthening the brain and body

Improving respiratory health

Strengthening the body’s digestive system and aiding in timely digestion of food

Reducing muscle pain

Regulating sleep

Preventing bleeding

Improving and strengthening heart health

Increasing blood circulation

Preventing diabetes and similar diseases

Strengthening bones

Having antidepressant properties

Reducing stomach disorders

Improving and strengthening nerve function

Ensuring oral health and safety.

In conclusion,

saffron spray is a versatile and convenient product that offers a range of benefits. It can be used for cooking, decorating, and even for its therapeutic properties.

With its ease of use and long shelf life, saffron spray is a great addition to any kitchen or pantry. We hope this article has provided valuable information about this product and its features.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoyed learning about saffron spray. Don’t hesitate to try it out for yourself and experience the benefits firsthand.

saffron spray FAQs

What are some important features of saffron spray?

The features of saffron spray include increased productivity, quick and easy use, naturalness, and a shelf life of about 18 months.

What are the benefits of using saffron spray?

The benefits of using saffron spray include its use in cooking for aroma and color, easy use in teas and brews, decorative purposes, use in ice creams and syrups, therapeutic properties, and the ease of use anywhere and anytime.

How much saffron should be consumed daily to benefit from its properties?

30 to 50 mg of saffron should be consumed daily to benefit from its properties.

How long is the shelf life of saffron spray?

The shelf life of saffron spray is about 18 months

Does saffron spray contain any chemicals or essential oils in its production?

No, saffron spray is natural and does not contain any chemicals or essential oils in its production.

What is the antioxidant property of saffron spray?

Saffron spray has antioxidant property, which is suitable for protecting body cells from injury or trauma, and causes the destruction of harmful free radicals in the body.

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